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How PBLi organises it's temporary files, when creating a scenario.

Scenario files are essentially XML files. What happens when a scenario is opened in the Builder, is that these files are unpacked as temporary files to a directory. The program reads them from that directory. That directory is C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\PBLiBuilder\ScenarioData\. (user name) is normally the username that the person is logged in with.

There are two subdirectories under this called \HTML and \Media. The \Media is for images and embedded HTML files that call images in a new window. The \HTML has internal content pages AND any audio and video files. Note that audio and video belong in \HTML subdirectory NOT the \Media one. Despite its name, the latter is just for images (or HTML files that show images externally).

When a scenario is saved in the builder, PBLi gathers up all the content in these two directories and puts them into a *.scenario file. When PBL is closed, the files in these directories are deleted from the hard disk.

Providing you have PBLi installed, you should be able to view these directories by browsing to you hard drive. If PBLi has a scenario open, you will see the images and associated files (DON'T move, rename or delete anything). If PBLi does not have a scenario open, all you will see is the folders.

If you can't see any Local Settings folder under your username it could be that a folder setting on you computer is hiding it from you? XP does this by default. In XP, in your File Explorer window go to tools>folder options>view tab> and select "show hidden files and folders" in the option list. Then hit the button "apply to all folders". Close File Explorer and re-open. You should now be able to see those folders.


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