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A dedicated website exists for PBLi at which is maintained by CBIT, at the University of Queensland. The website contains a brief FAQ, which is likely to increase in size over time.

As CBIT is exploring a commercial version of PBLi, it is likely the FAQs listed below will be addressed in updated PBLi program documentation or on the dedicated website. For now however, I've listed some here, based on the inquires received from early adopters.

  1. How large is the default environment image window? (Answer: 412 x 244 pixels)
  2. I've installed PBLi but it won't run. I either get an execution error or told I need this program called .Net Framework 2.0? What gives?
  3. How do I embed video and sound. There are no buttons in the editor to facilitate this?
  4. My scenario file size seems to be growing and growing in size, despite having deleted multimedia items? What's going on?
  5. Why does my System treat scenario files like Zip files?
  6. What is this "Update Scenario" option in the file menu of the PBLi player.
  7. Why won't the avi scenario building training video run on my machine?
  8. How do I build nested locations?
  9. Can I get rid of the CBIT branding in the new (version 1.0.2622) Server Player. (Answer: Yes, just edit the appropriate XML code)
  10. I can't seem to get the Server Player going? Who can help.
  11. Is PBL-interactive now called SBL-interactive? (Answer: Yes. The commercial version of this product is now called SBL-Interactive).
  12. I've got images which are too big for the content window. I want these images to be embedded in the scenario file, but displayed in a new browser window when the user clicks on a link. How do I do this?


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