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Q4. My scenario file size seems to be growing, despite having deleted multimedia items from it? What's going on?

A4. Before reading on, click here and, read (and/or print out) this information about how PBLi scenario files are organised when being constructed. *UNDERSTANDING THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT*

Assuming you have read and understood the information under the link above, here's what's happening.

PBLi does not posses the functionality to internally track and physically delete multimedia items which may have been present in earlier versions of the scenario. There simply was not enough time during the project time-frame to incorporate this feature. Although reference to them can be deleted from the PBLi windows during editing (so they appear to be gone) the files themselves will still be carried around in compressed format within the scenario file.

These must be manually deleted. Here's how...

1. Make a backup of the scenario file first (just in case!)

2. Ensure you are in the PBLi Builder with your scenario open. (this is essential otherwise the temporary subdirectories won't be there)

3. Manually (i.e. using the Windows Explorer file manager NOT PBLi) find the following directory on the hard drive...C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\PBLiBuilder\ScenarioData\ . This assumes the C: drive is the drive containing the Windows XP \Documents and Settings\ folder. (Your user name) will normally be the name you have logged in with.

Under \ScenarioData\ there will be two directories, \HTML and \MEDIA. The first of these (\HTML) will contain a few html files with names like actncontentxx.html where the xx is a number. If you have (or had) any audio or video files, this is where they will be. Browse to that folder and delete any audio, video, etc. files which are no longer used in the scenario. Make sure they REALLY ARE no longer used. The program won't warn you either way.

The \MEDIA directory contains image files. Again, browse to this one and delete any images that are no longer used.

4. Save the scenario. It should be smaller than the original one as it's no longer containing any "baggage".



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