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Tools for Delivering Scenario-Based E-learning both Locally and Across the Internet
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Storyboarding and Delivering PBLi scenarios
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PBL-Interactive is a useful tool for problem-based learning, but creating PBL-Scenarios for use in PBL Interactive (or indeed for ANY Problem-based exercise) and applying them in student exercises requires much foresight and planning.

Tips, tutorials and techniques on both scenario creation and delivery have been incorporated into the 126-page PBLi manual delivered with the software. There is a chapter devoted to planning scenarios (for use with or without PBLi) and also on one how they might be delivered to students.

If you want your own personal hard-copy, or if you are outside government-owned Tertiary Institutions and want this, a commecial version of the manual (plus a resource CD-ROM) is now available.


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