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Tools for Delivering Scenario-Based E-learning both Locally and Across the Internet
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PBL Interactive is a newly developed suite of tools designed to enable teachers, lecturers and others working in training or education, to create and deliver interactive problem-based scenarios as an aid to the problem based learning (PBL) instructional method. The software includes the following:

  • A Builder For the creation of PBL Scenarios. This tool has been designed to make the process of creating problem-based scenarios as simple and easy as possible.
  • A Player For presenting created scenarios to students, allowing them to interact with and work through the scenario. There are two types of player: an offline player for CD or hard drive delivery of PBL scenarios (not requiring the Internet) and a server side player for online delivery of PBL scenarios over the Internet through a web browser.

An early version of PBLi

PBL Interactive is owned by The Centre for Biological Information Technology at the University of Queensland. As part of the ecdf project, a customised version of PBLi has been developed for New Zealand Government-owned Teritary Institutions. Click here for a final report on PBLi deliverables.

More information on PBL-Interactive can be found on its dedicated website.

Latest Developments

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