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1. Software

The project version of PBL-interactive 1.0 is complete.

Above: Part of the PBLi Business Scenario

2. Scenarios

Sixteen exemplar scenarios have been completed which can be viewed in the web-player here .You will need to log in (username: guest, password: exemplars@) and, as the guest users all share the one account, it is best that you "start" the scenario rather than "continue" one that others have started.

The following table presents a short synopsis of the scenarios:

Subject Area Scenario Description Collaborator/Expert
Earth science As a geologist, you are called on by a power company to assess a gorge for a possible dam site. Is it suitable? Vince Neall (Massey)
Information Technology You are manning the Help Desk and someone calls you with a printer problem. Can you solve it? Steve Smith (NMIT)
Engineering You are working for an automation company. A processing company calls you about a heat exchange problem. Temperature regulation seems to be a problem. What is wrong and what can be done to fix it? Huub Bakker (Massey)
Architecture & Building You are called in by an organisation in trouble. They have changed the usage of a building and now the local council are upset about possible fire dangers. Can you sort it out? Charles Fleischmann (Canterbury University)
Agriculture As a young seed merchant representative, a grumpy farmer berates you about "new-fangled ryegrass species" which never seem to work! Who is really to blame? Andrew Thompson (Telford)
Environmental Management A stream has become polluted. How can you tell it's polluted, what is the cause and what can be done about it? Russell Death (Massey)
Health - Nursing As a trainee nurse, you are out visiting with Plunket workers. While checking a baby you notice another member of the family appears sickly? What might it be, and should you call a doctor? Kim Van Wissen (Massey)
Health - Medical A teacher collapses and is rushed to the emergency ward. As a junior doctor, what's you initial diagnosis and what tests should be done? Peter Schwartz (Otago)
Health - Veterinary A favourite pet appears in poor health. What is wrong? Richard Squires (Massey)
Education A consortium of schools is considering purchasing advanced "whiteboard" technology and it's up to you to make the decision. Can you do what's best for everyone? Mark Brown and Fiona Murray (Massey)
Commerce Your orchard has gone bust and you have to sell up. What should you do to get the best value for money? Alan Smee and Bob Hargreaves (Massey)
Social Work You are a social worker at a hospital when you are approached by a woman worried about her mother, who has just had a fall. Does the mother need some home help? It's your job to find out. Verna Schofield (Consultant)
Society Law You gave someone advice at a party. They took that advice, got into trouble and are now considering suing you! Opps! Where do you stand legally? Kay Lewis (UCOL)
Creative Arts You own a small arts/illustration company. A producer/director team rings you. Hollywood has put out to tender a film proposal, and they want to know if you are interested in joining their team for a bid. However, they need to see how competent you are! Mike McAuley (Massey)
Hospitality and Catering You own a restaurant and have heard that the inspectors are out and about. Rumours abound that your restaurant is not up to scratch so you send out an inspector of your own! Nigel Sadler (UCOL)
Horticulture Doug has an apple problem. This walkthrough will show you how to discover the cause. Terry Stewart (Massey)

3. Training Materials

The following have been produced:

  • A training manual covering the software basics, a tutorial, a description of the exemplar scenarios and tips on how to use the software in the classroom
  • A video walkthrough associated with the tutorial above

4. Resources

One hundred and twelve (112) graphic and clip-art files have been produced in the course of the project and used in the exemplar scenarios. These are available for people wanting to produce their own scenarios or adapt the exemplar ones.


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