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Project Manager: Dr Terry Stewart

Terry has worked in developing computer-based tools and techniques for scenario-based learning for over 26 years. This project is a continuation of that work. He holds a PhD in computerised tools for decision-making and training and in 2002 gained a Graduate Diploma in Information Sciences (with distinction).

He is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Natural Resources at Massey University and won a National Tertiary Teachers excellence award in 2003.

Along with coordinating the project, Terry was responsible for much of the training materials, workshops,development and publications. He is particularly interested in developing sound educational methodologies for constructing and applying problem-based scenarios.

Scenario Developer: Carey Ong

Carey has been involved in the development of instructional materials and eLearning resources over the past 3 years. She comes from a multimedia design background and has a strong interest in educational and learning design. Carey's role was to liaise with domain experts (in a number of Institutions) to develop the training scenarios, for exemplar use in PBL-Interactive. Carey now works as an on-line support specialist for Information Technology Services at Massey University.

Graphic Designer: Quentin Roper

Quentin is an illustrator/graphic designer who has worked with e-learning systems for over nine years. He created icons and other graphic material for PBL-Interactive scenarios and CHALLENGE FRAP. Quentin is presently employed by IVABS, at Massey University

Programmer: Andrew Rowatt

Andrew is employed as Computer consultant within the Institute of Veterinary, Medical and Biomedical Sciences.

He re-programmed CHALLENGE FRAP for this project.

Collaborator: Associate Professor Richard Squires

Richard lectures in clinical diagnosis in the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences (IVABS). He has been interested in the use of computers in veterinary education since 1993 and has led as small group involved in the development of computer-deliverable veterinary clinical case scenarios since 1999. One of Richard's scenarios are included in the exemplars.

Collaborator: Professor Vince Neall

Vince is Professor in Earth Science at Massey University in Palmerston North and has research interests in volcanology, Quaternary geology and environmental geology. He assisted with the construction of an earth-science-related scenario.

Collaborator: Dr. Russell Death

Russell is director for the Freshwater Ecosystem Management and Modelling group within the Ecology group in the Institute of Natural Resources. Russellís research is focused in the application of ecological theory to stream invertebrate community ecology, and he assisted with the construction a scenario related to environmental contamination.

Collaborator: Kim Van Wissen

Kim is based at the Wellington Campus, where she has been employed as a Senior Lecturer since 2000. Her expertise is in physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical pharmacology. She is assisted to develop a preliminary diagnostic scenario for trainee nurses.

Collaborators: Senior Lecturer Dr. Mark Brown and Fiona Murray

Mark's research interests include determining how teachers can be engaged in greater critical dialogue over the impact of new computer technology in their professional lives and work culture. He has a keen interest in the use of educational technologies for pedagogical purposes.

Fiona has been teaching New Educational Technologies at Massey University College of Education since 2000.

Together they collaborated on a PBLi scenario exploring issues in the adoption of educational technologies for schools.

Collaborators: Dr Verna Schofield and Margaret Sanders

Verna is coordinating a new postgraduate paper on social work with older people for Massey University in Palmerston North. She is an academic with particular interests in dementia care, family caregiving and elder abuse.

Margaret is a senior practitioner who is employed as a professional social work advisor for Capital and Coast DHB.

Together, Verna and Margaret developed a scenario related to assessment processes for older people.

Collaborators: Senior Lecturer Dr Huub Bakker

Huub is a senior academic based in the Institute of Technology and Engineering. He is interested in the general areas of Control Systems Engineering, Process Control, Modelling and Simulation, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, and Distance Education.

He assisted with the development of a PBLi scenario on process control methodologies.

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