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Collaborator: Associate Professor Bruce Chapman

Bruce is Associate Professor of Entomology at Lincoln University. He assisted with testing the new version of PBL-Interactive with his classes.

Collaborator: Dr Marlene Jaspers

Marlene is a senior lecturer in plant pathology at Lincoln University. She tested the new version of PBL-Interactive with her classes and the ones jointly taught with Bruce Chapman.

Collaborator: Dr Peter Gossman

During the project Peter was a Teaching and Learning Adviser at Lincoln University (He's now at AUT). He has many years practical teaching experience in geography and teacher education. He has experience and qualifications in educational research especially in the field of transferable skills and in addition has completed a (UK ) Qualification and Curriculum Authority project in this area. At Lincoln he developed and ran a short - new to teaching - programme for academic staff.

Peter had a major role in designing and assessing the the PBL-interactive evaluation in Marlene and Bruce's class(es). A research paper on this work has now been submitted to an International journal.


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